Ann Sutton Studio visit

Ann Sutton:

Born in North Staffordshire, went to Cardiff College of Art, then led West Sussex College of Art weave department. She has travelled, lectured and exhibited all over the world. She has guest-curated many national exhibitions. She has led several projects which involve commissioning applied arts for public buildings.

Ann Sutton is known, internationally, for her innovative work in woven textiles, and has written nine books on the subject. Unusually, she worked in both the design and the art fields, but never as a craftsperson. After a successful retrospective exhibition instigated by the Crafts Council in 2004 she decided to drop the past, step into the unknown and explore what was to her a new medium, paint.

(excerpted from

One of her book “Colour-And-Weave Design Book” is a bible for beginners in weaving. When I took a look of this book at the first time I was an absolute beginner in weaving. I was very excited to know what weaving can do. Basically weaving is interlacing with vertical lines;warp, and horizontal lines; weft. The book showed me the great possibilities with the simple idea with interlocking lines.

Since then Ann Sutton is my one of “Legendary Weavers”.

After her long history and great achievement in weaving, she decided to move on different media to work.

“I was working as a textile designer for industries long time. My works were for industries or Art, never be Craft. No scarves; it’s very hard to make living with craft work in this country. I did teaching, curate exhibitions, run projects, all sorts of work with weaving. I did enough as for weaving. I may not have plenty of time like young artists any longer, still I have time for the new world. My new interests move into Art with some other media, other than textile.

I want to install ‘painting’ which is not on a canvas. I can not see the goal yet; what application? How? It’s still in a mist. That would be my challenge.”

(Interviewed with Ann Sutton, 7th Aug. 2012 at her studio)

She doesn’t have any hesitation to put aside her success as a weaver. She must keep on challenging and tackling for something by the end of her life. Incredible! and Admiring!!!

Here are some photos taken at her studio yesterday. Now her studio is transforming from Weaving studio to Arts studio.

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