Colour hunting _ Autumn Garden

No more flowers in our garden. Yet it’s still full of colours.

autumn_garden1I took these photos from the balcony. The left one with sunshine in the morning and the right is with rain in the afternoon. Camera eyes are deceptive?

我が家の庭はすっかり「秋の装い」 散りゆく前の最後の宴。
同じ葉なのに・・・ カメラの目は騙されやすいようです。

autumn_garden2And I did collage on photoshop.

autumn_garden3The program called ‘color hunter‘ picks up 5 colours from the image.


And this is my translation of autumn colours from our garden.


autumn garden_s1autumn garden_s2

upper-left: on my loom, upper-right: finished fabric
lower: shawl

Cashmere, wool and silk-wool. Gorgeous touch!


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