Little angel

bablogBaGreen:This is a present for new ‘mother’ from her mother. ‘Green’ is her favourite colour, ‘White’ is from her name and ‘Pink’ is from roses in their garden.The pattern comes from rose petals.

Beautiful baby with this blanket.

blogbaby photos by Bharati Pardhy

Many thanks for sharing baby’s photos.


Lovely ladies and their great achievements

I used to take some “Spinning, Weaving And Dyeing” classes organized by Somerset Skills and Leaning.
I had a great time with lovely ladies who had the same passion. The tutor, Mary, always shows her wide knowledge and gives great support for her students’ challenging projects.
I left her class many years ago but I popped in sometimes to have a joyful chatting with them.

Yesterday I visited their exhibition.
So many great achievements!!!