Washi Exhibition

washi exhibitionJapan Embassy is holding an exhibition – Washi -.

Elaine Cooper is showing her art work with Japanese paper and her Japanese paper collection from Japan.
I’m exhibiting my work with Kami-ito, paper yarn.

(from my presentation at the private view)

(from left) Somerset Levels - Stream -  Sazanami (ripples) Yozakura (night cherry)

(from left)
Somerset Levels – Stream -,   Sazanami (ripples),   Yozakura (night cherry)

(from left)
Somerset Levels – Stream
This piece depicts stream in Somerset Levels. When I drove there, I was very amazed it’s really a winding river. I wanted to show the characteristic stream on my piece.

This piece is titled “Sazanami”, ripples. I show this work at the gallery so I hope you will see “ripples on the sea” in this piece. I dye my yarn so I have good collection of colours.

Japan is very famous for Cherry blossom. I love cherry blossom, especially at night. The flowers are light up with moon light or street light. And comes out in a dark sky. This is my Yozakura, night cherry.


Math in weaving

Many calculations are involved in weaving.
Theo Wright applies much deeper mathematical approach into his weaving – permutations and combinations.
The result is very interesting!
He introduced this project – “Permutations” , with a short film.

“Permutations” can be seen at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, as part of “The Gathering” exhibition.


Theo Wright (left)

Theo Wright (left)