I’m a textile designer and weaver.

I came to England in 2003. It was a big turning point for me, from a very hectic Tokyo life to a quiet England rural life. That change gave me time to get engaged into textile design. I have been interested in textile design for a long time, especially traditional design and skill. Japan has a long, unique and fantastic tradition in a textile field.

I am taking a postgraduate textile course now. (2011- )

My works are mainly hand-woven items. I make accessories, clothing fabric, and interior items including wall hangings. My inspiration comes from anything in my daily life; water, wood bark, leaves, or beautiful sunset from the window.
I use many different materials; silk, wool, cotton, linen, and paper yarn is a ‘newcomer’.
To explore what I can get from the different materials is one of my interests.
I would like to express Japanese aesthetic beauty in my work.


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