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I’m a textile designer and weaver. I came to England in 2003. It was a big turning point for me, from a very hectic Tokyo life to a quiet England rural life. That change gave me time to get engaged into textile design. I have been interested in textile design for a long time, especially traditional design and skill. Japan has a long, unique and fantastic tradition in a textile field. I took a BA textile design course in Bath Spa University and taking a postgraduate course now. (2011- ) My works are mainly hand-woven items. I make accessories, clothing fabric, and interior items including wall hangings. My inspiration comes from anything in my daily life; water, wood bark, leaves, or beautiful sunset from the window. I use many different materials; silk, wool, cotton, linen, and paper yarn is a ‘newcomer’. To explore what I can get from the different materials is one of my interests. I would like to express Japanese aesthetic beauty in my work. 英国で織りを中心にテキスタイルのデザイン、作品を制作をしています。 現在は大学、MA課程でマーケティングを含め総合的にテキスタイルを勉強しています。中心においている素材は「紙糸」。この糸の可能性を探っています。


What makes you Spring?
Snowdrops bring me Spring. They come back again in our garden. Full of snowdrops!



Their season is ending now.
Soon daffodils are coming.



Paper Rhythms in UK

Paper: Beyond the Fold
The exhibition is taking place at The National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) in Sleaford.
Jennie and I have started ‘Paper Rhythms’ project in 2014. We had an exhibition in Japan.
Our ‘Paper Rhythms’ project is a part of Paper: Beyond the Fold.
This is our first ‘Paper Rhythms’ exhibition in UK.

The Paper Rhythms collection of paper weave and braid by Mayumi Kaneko (Japan) and Jennie Parry (UK) will also feature as part of the exhibition. Origami and kumihimo techniques are used by the pair with great respect for the purity of form for which the Japanese culture is so revered, shedding new light on this Japanese tradition.

(from Paper: Beyond the Fold)

I gave a demonstration on last Saturday – Paper to Paper Yarn
Mainly I demonstrated how to make paper yarn.
Jennie showed how to braid, Kumihimo, on her Takadai.
I’m glad many visitors showed their great interest.
Our work beautifully displayed.
Many thanks for all visitors and gallery staff.

開催中の展覧会 - Paper: Beyond the Fold の会場でデモを行いました。


paper rhythms


Please enjoy the video.



If you want to know How to make Paper yarn, please see this video.

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Story behind the work – FROZEN

I posted “Sudden Winter” in January with some photos.
Time has passed and it’s already summer.
My progress was a bit slow but finally it’s on my weaving, FROZEN.
The story goes:
   Frozen pond
   Ripples are frozen
   Colours are frozen under the water
   Weak sunlight on the frozen pond

1月に投稿したSudden Winter。そこでご紹介した画像をイメージした作品FROZEN。



Another work, Collapsing Waves
Image of the sea
   High waves collapsed and lap to the shore
   At the far distance waves look calm

こちらは夏向き。Collapsing Waves 砕ける波。海のブルー、時にグリーンを取り混ぜ、波が砕け浜に打ち寄せるさま、遥か彼方に見える海はあくまで穏やか、そんな海、波を表現しました。

collapsing waves 7


I’m exhibiting them at Paper – Beyond the Fold.
どちらの作品もNCCDで開催中のPaper – Beyond the Fold でご覧いただけます。

Beautiful Blues

Glorious summer day!

I held an Indigo workshop for a young talented artist, Connie.
Her paintings are astonishing.
She is one of the prize winners of Black Swan Arts Young Open 2016.
The winners were given one-to-one workshop with a professional artist or craftspeople as a part of their prize.

It was a perfect day for indigo dyeing.

indigo workshop_0

After the workshop I dyed my yarn as well.
I had series of beautiful blues and green, onion orange over-dyed with indigo.


Connie is form Hong Kong. She wants to carry on her study here.
She is a great artist already but there are still a lot to learn.
Good luck Connie!



PENDULA series 1

PENDULA series

Photo by Howard Johnson

Leaves on Betula Pendula, commonly known as Silver birch in our garden are coming back.
It’s a beautiful tree with white peeling bark on the trunk. And the twigs are slender and pendulous.


I introduce a ball shape small light, MARI last year. I applied Jun Mitani’s program.
A combination of straight and curved folded lines create a ball shape. The shape added different taste on my ‘AKARI’ – light.

This time I made 3 pendant lights – PENDULA I, II & III.

以前ご紹介した ’MARI’、数学者三谷純さんが開発されたプログラムを利用させていただいて、織生地を丸く成形、可愛い灯りになりました。

The fitting was specifically developed and made by FeelLab. Many thanks to FeelLab.




PENDULA III is inspired by the image of PENDULA tree.
The black lines represent the slender twigs of silver birch.
PENDULA III、イメージは「白樺」。少し形を整えて

PENDULA I and II have more ball shape, like MARI.
The colours of PENDULA I show the sunset evening sky behind the silver birch.
PENDULA II represents the moon beyond the tree.
夕焼け空の色をよこ糸に入れたPENDULA I。
夜、白樺の向こうに見える月、その月をイメージしたPENDULA II。



PENDULA series 2


Photo by Howard Johnson

Now I’m showing my work at National Centre of Craft Design (NCCD) in Sleaford with Jennie Parry and some other artists. The exhibition is titled Paper: Beyond the Fold.
I will be the venue for demonstration on June 18th.
Please come and see our work if you are nearby.
このPENDULAを含め、AKARIシリーズの作品と大きなサイズの壁掛けをNCCDで開催中のPaper: Beyond the Foldに出展しています。


         Photo by Jennie Parry



Sudden Winter

It was very warm, more than mild, winter.
Cherry blossom in our garden were fully bloomed.


Then sudden winter came. It reminds me it IS winter.





NATURE is the great artist!!!


Sudden Winter in Tokyo as well.

Autumn colours in December!
(from my trip to Tokyo.)




And soon after I left Tokyo, huge show hit there.


(Thanks for <http://burusoku-vip.com/archives/1774463.html&gt;)