Handmade in Britain

Handmade in Britain 15, my last fair in 2015, finished Sunday 15th.
Many thanks to all visitors.

今年最後のフェアHandmade in Britain、無事終了しました。




Great collection of Hand Crafted items at the fair.



Autumn colours

Autumn colours in Westonbirt.
Reds, Yellows, greens,,,,, Absolutely GORGEOUS!




My next job would be dyeing autumn colours. Exciting!



A couple years ago, I set up my floor loom at Dorothy Reglar‘s studio in New Brewery Art and worked with her for a while. It was a fantastic experience.
She made some garments with my woven fabric.

数年前Dorothy Reglarさんのスタジオに織り機を置かせていただき、Dorothyさんと一緒にお仕事をさせていただいたことがあります。

She brought a coat, one of our collaboration, to the SIT Showcase.
The yarn is British tweed wool.

Drothy coat3

Drothy coat2

Some other garments.



dress full length

Select Showcase


Showcasing, the very best in British Contemporary Craft and Design, was held 23-24-25 October at  Town Hall.
Over 70 outstanding makers and designers participated. Talks, workshops and demonstrations also took place.

I’m honored to receive The Hartlebury AwardMost Outstanding Designer Maker.

select showcase_1

select showcase_2

select showcase_3     select showcase_9

award  select showcase_4

select showcase_7
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London Design Festival

The London Design Festival is an annual event, held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world and as the gateway to the international creative community.
The London Design Festival this year ran 19 – 27 September.

I visited V&A, Design Junction and Designersblock.

Ogham wall at V&A

As a basis for exploring the ancient and the contemporary, the installation translates this ancient language into an architectural construct of three metre high cast concrete ‘fins’ standing in the space of the Tapestry Gallery.

ogham wall_1

ogham wall_2   ogham wall_3   ogham wall_4  ogham wall_5

Although many articles mentioned this exhibition, it was quiet.
Perfect location.

Each of the 20 letters represents the name of a sacred tree, where the individual pattern of the bark is etched onto the surface treatment of the concrete.

enjoy the varied rhythm and angles of the elements and the experience of light and shade. The installation aims to explore the space that Ireland occupies, one that is embracing design, innovation and technology while continuing to reference their embedded culture and heritage.

I don’t have much knowledge about Ogham or Ogram trees but I could feel dignity of the heritage.

<Design Junction>

design junctiondesign junction_1design junction_2design junction_3


designers block_2designers block_1designers block_3designers block_4designers block_6designers block_5

<London Guild exhibition>

DSCN2112       DSCN2115


Walking down The River Thames

T1 T2 T3

Hauser & Wirth Somerset

In our garden most of flowers are gone.
Need to be a bit patient to enjoy autumn colour leaves.


Today I enjoyed the beautiful colours and patterns in Hauser & Wirth in Somerset.
The layout of the garden is fantastic. You will appreciate the great harmony.
Lunch was nice too.
It was a lovely day out.

今日はHauser & Wirthのガーデンでちょっと早めの秋を愉しんできました。

Hauser & Wirth

WEFT 2015

Trowbridge Museum is the the county’s only specialist textile museum. You will see the history of textile trading in this area.

WEST ENGLAND FESTIVAL OF TEXTILES 2015 is on at Trowbridge Museum, until 7 November.
I’m showing my work at this festival.


WEFT_2WEFT_3SIMPLY WEAVING: Weaving on simple looms
   Weaving as Therapy project was on BBC Wiltshire. (go 2 hours and 7 minutes)
OTHER FORMS: Showcase how weaving can be used in other ways

Saturday 24 October 11am – 3pm
“a huge variety of looms and weaving in action under one roof”

Also please check Wiltshire Times. You will read nice words by the Mayoress about the festival.

Looms at Trowbridge Museum