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PENDULA series 1

PENDULA series

Photo by Howard Johnson

Leaves on Betula Pendula, commonly known as Silver birch in our garden are coming back.
It’s a beautiful tree with white peeling bark on the trunk. And the twigs are slender and pendulous.


I introduce a ball shape small light, MARI last year. I applied Jun Mitani’s program.
A combination of straight and curved folded lines create a ball shape. The shape added different taste on my ‘AKARI’ – light.

This time I made 3 pendant lights – PENDULA I, II & III.

以前ご紹介した ’MARI’、数学者三谷純さんが開発されたプログラムを利用させていただいて、織生地を丸く成形、可愛い灯りになりました。

The fitting was specifically developed and made by FeelLab. Many thanks to FeelLab.




PENDULA III is inspired by the image of PENDULA tree.
The black lines represent the slender twigs of silver birch.
PENDULA III、イメージは「白樺」。少し形を整えて

PENDULA I and II have more ball shape, like MARI.
The colours of PENDULA I show the sunset evening sky behind the silver birch.
PENDULA II represents the moon beyond the tree.
夕焼け空の色をよこ糸に入れたPENDULA I。
夜、白樺の向こうに見える月、その月をイメージしたPENDULA II。



PENDULA series 2


Photo by Howard Johnson

Now I’m showing my work at National Centre of Craft Design (NCCD) in Sleaford with Jennie Parry and some other artists. The exhibition is titled Paper: Beyond the Fold.
I will be the venue for demonstration on June 18th.
Please come and see our work if you are nearby.
このPENDULAを含め、AKARIシリーズの作品と大きなサイズの壁掛けをNCCDで開催中のPaper: Beyond the Foldに出展しています。


         Photo by Jennie Parry



Chasing Shadows

chasing shadowschasing shadows_dWoven paper yarn fabric can be treated as a paper. I did Origami folding on the woven fabric. Folded lines create a series of beautiful shadows. It reminds me of my childhood game Kagefumi, chasing shadows.


Washi Exhibition

washi exhibitionJapan Embassy is holding an exhibition – Washi -.

Elaine Cooper is showing her art work with Japanese paper and her Japanese paper collection from Japan.
I’m exhibiting my work with Kami-ito, paper yarn.

(from my presentation at the private view)

(from left) Somerset Levels - Stream -  Sazanami (ripples) Yozakura (night cherry)

(from left)
Somerset Levels – Stream -,   Sazanami (ripples),   Yozakura (night cherry)

(from left)
Somerset Levels – Stream
This piece depicts stream in Somerset Levels. When I drove there, I was very amazed it’s really a winding river. I wanted to show the characteristic stream on my piece.

This piece is titled “Sazanami”, ripples. I show this work at the gallery so I hope you will see “ripples on the sea” in this piece. I dye my yarn so I have good collection of colours.

Japan is very famous for Cherry blossom. I love cherry blossom, especially at night. The flowers are light up with moon light or street light. And comes out in a dark sky. This is my Yozakura, night cherry.

Math in weaving

Many calculations are involved in weaving.
Theo Wright applies much deeper mathematical approach into his weaving – permutations and combinations.
The result is very interesting!
He introduced this project – “Permutations” , with a short film.

“Permutations” can be seen at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, as part of “The Gathering” exhibition.


Theo Wright (left)

Theo Wright (left)


Colour hunting _ Autumn Garden

No more flowers in our garden. Yet it’s still full of colours.

autumn_garden1I took these photos from the balcony. The left one with sunshine in the morning and the right is with rain in the afternoon. Camera eyes are deceptive?

我が家の庭はすっかり「秋の装い」 散りゆく前の最後の宴。
同じ葉なのに・・・ カメラの目は騙されやすいようです。

autumn_garden2And I did collage on photoshop.

autumn_garden3The program called ‘color hunter‘ picks up 5 colours from the image.


And this is my translation of autumn colours from our garden.


autumn garden_s1autumn garden_s2

upper-left: on my loom, upper-right: finished fabric
lower: shawl

Cashmere, wool and silk-wool. Gorgeous touch!


Colour hunting

It’s a beautiful autumn morning. The sky is high and birds are flitting around. Wet leaves are illuminating by sun light. Everything looks beautiful. You can take photos with your digital camera but the scene would be cut off and the colours are not quite the same as you see.
Our eyes can cover the wider area still catch the details.


Recently I missed two great exhibitions about “Colours”.
One is “COLOR-HUNTING” directed by Dai Fujiwara, at 21_21 in Tokyo.

Sea, sky, trees, stars… the colors in the natural world are infinite. Exhibition director Dai Fujiwara invented “color-hunting,” a design method of simple curiosity and powerful action. Design that starts from color is a journey into creativity and ideas with greater freedom and excitement.

That’s a great idea to collect everyday colour. To transform the colour I see or I want onto the canvas is an exciting, and sometimes challenging task. Today’s colour is…

The other one is “emmanuelle moureaux creates a floating volume of 100 colors“.

’100 colors’–whose title indicates the number of hues the designer has integrated into the work–features more than 840 sheets of paper that are suspended from the ceiling, creating a volume of rainbow colors that float in the air.

Please visit the linked site. Looks incredible.


海、空、星、植物……。自然界には、無限の色が存在します。その一方で、人間がつくりあげたもの—-大量生産品からコンピュータの画面上に展 開するバーチャルなイメージまで、それらの色の多くは既成の色見本や色彩理論をもとに作られています。私たちの生活は膨大な数の色のバリエーションで、自 然の中の色彩体系とは別世界のようです。
自然や都市に存在する現実の色を、自ら水彩絵具を調 合してその場で紙片に写し取っていく行為は、文字通り色の採取(カラーハンティング)です。そうして採取した、色からはじめるデザインは、ものづくりのプ ロセスに関わる人々や使い手に色の意味や物語を伝え、豊かな色彩環境を広げることでしょう。